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Under-floor heating is for oil users too

2010-10-12 16:38:07

Heating oil users will be glad to hear they too can benefit from the luxury of under-floor heating.

This type of heating is growing in popularity and works by pumping a flow of warm water through plastic pipes that are embedded in the floor.

Under-floor heating is seen as an efficient way to eat a home as, even on a cold day, the under floor pipes are enoughto warm a home without the need for an extra heating source.

When you have under-floor heating fitted in your home you will have a new floor construction put in place that is tailored to your requirements.

Most specialist will have a wide range of styles to match the décor in your home, from good-value options to high-end solidwood finishes.

In order to heat the water that will then heat the floors, a homemust have a heat source such as a gas or oil boiler. In order to maintain your boiler’s efficiency, sign up to a boiler maintenance scheme with Team Energy, which will give you peace of mind. You can arrange a check-up before the cold winter nights start drawing in.