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Team Energy boiler maintenance - a weight off your mind

2010-06-04 18:01:00

Maintaining your oil boiler is an essential process for people who want to ensure their home heating runs as efficiently as possible increasing efficiency by up to 25 per cent.

Boiler maintenance and insurance schemes are a hassle-free and affordable way to take the pressure off of looking after your heating systems and both are available through the Team Energy programme.

When it comes to the winter months, many people living in rural areas rely on their oil heating systems to keep their home life ticking over and their houseswarm. However, it can be incredibly stressful if a boiler packs in on a cold day, leaving no hot water or heating for days on end.

The Team Energy scheme gives a certain peace of mind that simply relying on a handyman from the phone book can never provide. Team Energy customers know they can rely on the friendly service provided and are also safe in the knowledge that a maintenance man will be over whenever they need him.

Signing up to a Team Energy scheme helps heating oil users to save money by making their system more efficient. It can also save them cash by extending the life of their boiler, and ensuring it is less likely to break down in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, maintaining a boiler is safer option than just waiting for it to eventually pack up. It is important to be aware that poorly maintained boilers can emit dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

Carbon dioxide emissions are also cut when oil is burned in a regularly-maintained boiler, which means you can help the environment while helping to save cash.

Team Energy engineers are all OFTEC registered, service boilers on a regular basis and are also only be a phone call away in an emergency. Anyone signing up the boiler maintenence scheme save at least 25 per cent on the normal price charged by Team Energy’s regular un-contracted prices.