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Shetland Island energy guru encourages boiler monitoring

2010-05-21 10:05:01

The Shetland Islands' own energy guru is encouraging the residents of Northmavine to monitor their heating systems, after discovering that some home boilers were only running at 70 per cent efficiency.

Colin Dickieis employed as the 'power down' officer with Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC). His role – which was established after the Scottish government provided funding for it for two years – charges him with reducing the carbon foot print of Northmavine by as much as 15 per cent.

While he is challenged to produce innovative ideas that will harness energy saving in all aspects of Northmavine life, he said the household boiler can be one of the most wasteful items.

He said many boilers could do with complete replacement, but a good boiler maintenance programme would help with longevity. Services like those offered through Team Energy provide owners with peace of mind, even if their boiler has seen better days. Good maintenance can make them much safer and significantly extend the life of an LPG, combi or oil boiler.

He also said instructions for home-made gauges for outdoor oil tanks are available from NCDC to help people learn how much their heating oil is costing at different periods.

For a greater degree of accuracy, systems like the Signalman, which indicates dropping oil levels and will even automatically order more oil from a local depot, is available at Lerwick's Scottish Fuels depot. Systems like that mean users should never run out unexpectedly.