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Scottish Liberals plans to pay for home insulation

2011-04-19 17:20:00

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have said they will make £250 million in funding available to help people insulate their homes.

The insulation scheme would help to reduce fuel bills and keep people warmer over the increasingly harsh winters that the UK has been subjected to.

Speaking in Fife this week, the Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott, said, "People all over Scotland are facing an impossible choice between heating their homes and providing their families with the basics they need.

"The plan we have launched today will help lift people out of fuel poverty, cut their heating bills and provide some help in tough times," he added.

People living in rural regions of Scotland often depend of heating oil to heat their homes throughout the winter. Signing up to a scheme that spreads payments of heating oil deliveries over several months through Scottish Fuels can help to reduce the burden on households, who will find it easier to pay over the course of the year rather than in one instalment.

Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy can also help to reduce the likelihood of boiler breakdowns and the cost involved with replacing and fixing boilers.