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Scottish boiler scheme spent after just 36 hours

2010-06-02 10:45:48

Scotland's boiler scrappage scheme lasted just 36 hours following its launch, after overwhelming demand for the £400 vouchers saw all 4,600 snapped up almost immediately.

The government-run scheme was launched on Monday, May 24 and sparked an immediate frenzy of people seeking assistance to help cut down on their energy bills. By the evening of Tuesday, May 25 there were no more vouchers left to issue.

The popularity has drawn praise from some quarters, but criticism from others, who say it only demonstrates how much the Scottish Government needs to be doing for its people in this particular field.

Jim Mather, the energy minister at Holyrood, said: "I'm pleased thousands of people have taken advantage of our £2 million support to replace their inefficient boilers."

The grants were available to households with the most inefficient, G-rated boilers, and would help with the installation of a new boiler. The number of vouchers issued in Scotland was a fraction of the 125,000 made available through the similar scheme for England.

Labour MSP Sarah Boyack said an extension to the scheme was essential. "Given the massive response, surely this is the sort of scheme the Scottish Government should be supporting," she said.

People who missed out on the vouchers can prolong the lifespans of their current models by enrolling in a boiler maintenance scheme, like those offered by Team Energy. The schemes schedule a programme of regular work and servicing that ensure that boilers are working to their optimum capabilities.