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Relying on renewables could be a mistake says expert

2010-07-21 16:09:36

High electricity bills and black outs could arise from the increased reliance on renewable energy, claims an expert.

Former Grid Control Engineer, Derek Birkett, has spoken out against continual calls for more investment in renewables. He says that the cost of the impending energy crisis could equal that of the banking collapse.

He claims that targets for renewable energy production are "dangerous illusions" that could simply leave Britain short on power but with huge electricity bills. He explained, "We need a mix of sources and this takes time. Renewables have the problem of being intermittent, particularly wind, and we need more back-up capacity."

Birkett went on to point out the investment in renewables is "disproportionate" to the amount of energy we actually provide through these sources. He added, "By having all our sources in one basket we are risking disruption.”

For any domestic or commercial oil users, it is wise to install a back-up oil tank and oil boiler to use in case of unstable supplies. Using Premium Kerosene and making sure that boilers are regularly maintained through a scheme such as that offered by Team Energy, helps to keep emission slow.