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Oil boiler maintenance can help sell a home

2011-03-01 17:16:00

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has suggested that regular oil boiler maintenance can help make homes more energy efficient.

In addition, homeowners who are looking to cut their energy bills will be keen to snap up homes that have a good energy efficiency rating. The NAEA’s chief executive, Peter Bolton King, added that boiler maintenance is one of the most effective ways of bringing down fuel costs, along with practical moves such as investing in double-glazing and roof insulation.

King added that homeowners should seek the advice of an expert when installing renewable heating sources in homes– these can include solar panels and wind turbines. He said, "Whilst doing DIY is very admirable, we urge them [homeowners] to seek the advice of professionals when looking to install green technologies in the home."

Signing up to an oil boiler maintenance programme, like the one offered by Team Energy, will help to bring down energy costs and could potentially increase the value of your home to buyers.

Regular boiler maintenance helps to ensure systems are running as efficiently as possible, which will keep oil bills down and is also beneficial to the environment.