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OFTEC fights EU boiler requirement

2011-08-24 16:02:22

The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) has revealed it is fighting proposals to introducea 7 per cent penalty on all non-modulating oil boilers.

The eco-drive, which forms part of the Energy-Related Product Directive is being fought on the grounds that non modulating oil boilers are no less efficient than modulating boilers, according to OFTEC.

The Association’s Director General, Jeremy Hawksley, said, "A detailed technical study has been sent to both the UK and Irish governments who will present it to the European Commission. We are confident that ErPD can be revised so that non-modulating domestic oil boilers will not be unfairly penalised."

The measures are supposed to be introduced as of early 2013, but OFTEC hopes it can prevent the rules from coming into force in the UK.

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