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Highlands hospital has boiler problems

2011-04-14 17:13:00

Raigmore Hospital in the Highlands had a major drama at the end of March, which is thought to have been caused by contaminated heating oil.

The drama happened when staff noticed the hospital's main boilers were not functioning properly. Luckily, the staff worked quickly to restore the boilers to their full function before the heating was lost in major parts of the hospital.

A spokesperson for the hospital told the Highland News: "The cause is thought to have been contaminated fuel oil in one of the hospital's storage tanks. Arrangements have been made to empty and then clean the tank."

Staff from the Scottish Fuels depot in Invernessare helped to clean the tank and also picked up the bill for some of the work. They will then deliver replacement oil.

The spokesperson continued, "Our fuel suppliers are assisting in this matter. The only effect on the hospital was a temporary reduction on steam going to the laundry."

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