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Heating industry concerned over boiler directive

2010-08-05 16:37:04

The European Commission and UK heating industry are having a disagreement about the Energy Using Products Directive.

The directive insists that boilers up to 70kW must conform with energy efficiency levels of up to 75 per cent, depending on the season. However, tests have shown that best-in class oil fired boilers have struggled to reach this level of efficiency.

Martyn Bridges from the Bosch Group, explained, "As it stands, the Eco boiler model would, overnight, make all of the highly efficient oil-fired condensing boilers, currently available in the UK, obsolete."

As a possible solution, the European Heating Industry has submitted its own model, which incorporates renewable energy to ensure that, combined with boiler efficiency, the 75 per cent limit can be reached.

In order to maintain boiler efficiency, users are advised to sign up to a boiler maintenance programme, such as the one available through Team Energy. This scheme enables members to call upon a Team Energy technician if anything should go wrong with a boiler, and he will also visit to perform regular checks to ensure the boiler is running efficiently.

The use of Premium Kerosene in domestic boilers is also useful as it cleans the system and reduces emissions of dangerous gases.