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Government needs to be upfront about energy costs

2011-05-17 16:32:00

The cost of heating our homes could be set for a rise in response to government announcements detailing new carbon reduction targets for 2027.

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Chris Huhne, is planning to reveal the new targets, which are expected to be the most significant announced by any EU member state. The plans are expected to include a target to cut 1990 carbon levels by 50 per cent by 2025.

Although the targets have attracted some support from environmental groups, businesses will have to make major changes to the way they operate in order for the target to be attained and this could impact the chance of economic growth, claim the critics.

Consumer interest organisation, Which? is keen that the government is up front with consumers about the extra costs likely to arise as a result of the targets. It stated, “Consumers need a guarantee that the government is not writing a blank cheque on their behalf to reduce carbon emissions.”

“Despite the fact that consumers will ultimately foot the bill, we're still in the dark about the impact of new targets for carbon emissions on our energy bills,” added Which? Executive Director, Richard Lloyd.

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