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Frozen pipes caused by broken boilers

2010-12-23 15:27:00

Insurers are urging people to take measures to ensure their water pipes do no burst over the Christmas period.

Many people will be leaving their homes unattended for several days over Christmas and some will forget to leave their heating on low to ensure the water in their pipes does not freeze.

Temperatures are expected to remain extremely low and below zero in many areas, especially overnight. Insurers claim they have already had thousands of reports of damage caused by burst pipes, which can cause flooding and other structural damage.

One of the common causes of frozen pipes is broken boilers. Anyone using an oil boiler can sign up to a boiler maintenance service such as the one offered by Team Energy to ensure their boiler is working well each winter. The service includes an annual check-up, which is essential to maintain a healthy boiler, as well as cheaper call-out charges if something does go wrong.

So before you leave the house for Christmas this year, check your boiler is in good working order and make sure you leave your heating on low to keep the water in your system above the freezing mark.