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First biomass boiler on the market

2010-08-10 17:07:44

Which? says that a new biomass boiler that has come on the market could be a good option for people who want to heat their homes without the use of fossil fuels.

Euro heat is the first manufacturer to release a biomass boiler onto the UK market. The boiler can be attached to an existing central heating system to provide heating and water in homes. This may particularly suit homes that are not attached to the mains gas supply and as an alternative to oil boilers.

The TDA Termo dual range of boilers will burn either logs or wood pellets, which Which? says is a greener option. The consumer magazine’s boiler expert, Lizzy Ruffles, says biomass boilers are considered carbon neutral as the emissions they produce when burning the wood are equal to those absorbed by the tree while it is growing.

Ruffles stated, "If you're not connected to the mains gas network, a wood heating system could be a good option for central heating and hot water."

Some people using biomass heating may want to install an oil boiler as a back-up system for their heating and hot water. What ever type of boiler you have, it is important to perform regular maintenance. Oil boiler users can sign up to a boiler maintenance scheme such as the one offered by Team Energy, which is a great way to increase efficiency and ensure boilers are working to the best of their ability.