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Energy firms overcharged to replace boilers

2010-09-23 10:23:30

Several of the country’s major energy suppliers over charged their customers for fitting new boilers during the boiler scrappage scheme, according to a news report.

The report was published in The Guardian newspaper following a Freedom of Information Request from the paper. Some firms charged as much as 60 per cent more than independent firms for fitting boilers, but the average charge was 33 per cent higher.

The large firms thought they could charge more because they are more likely to win the business than independents, explained Peter Thom, the Strategy Group Chairman for the Energy Efficiency Partnership. He told the Guardian: "They're renowned for top loading prices and then offering a discount. They've got the marketing clout and they can get the headlines."

The boiler scrappage scheme offered customers £400 off the cost of a new boiler, which can make homes for energy efficient.

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