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Energy efficiency can help your fuel oil last longer

2010-08-05 16:35:26

Heating oil users must take a slightly different approach to energy efficiency than other energy users.

When an oil user buys fuel oil, the oil is paid for and delivered to their home and siphoned into their fuel tank. As a result, the oil is already paid for before it is used – so the oil users must make the fuel last as long as possible to ensure their annual bills remain low.

In order to reduce oil consumption, oil users take the same measures as electricity and gas customers. Hereare some of the top tips for upping energy efficiency.

First, make sure your heating system and equipment is running efficiently by signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme with Team Energy.

Although this costs money, it can save more money through boosting efficiency and preventing system and boiler problems that can run into thousands to fix.

Remember to limit your use of heating to when you really need it. You will find that simply throwing a jumper on can enable you to keep your heating thermost a few degrees lower, burning less oil everyday throughout the winter.

Making sure your home is well insulated, (particularly for older, rural homes such as farmhouses) can make a huge difference to your oil bills.