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Don’t forget boiler maintenance in the summer months

2010-07-05 13:41:16

OFTEC, the organisation that registers boiler technicians, is keen to promote the case for having your boiler serviced before the winter sets in again.

Oil heating users tend to forget about the maintenance of their boiler when it is not being used during the summer months. However, there are clear advantages to having your oil boiler serviced in advance of the bad weather.

OFTEC’s Director General, Jeremy Hawksley, said, “Summer can be a very economical time for people to get their boiler serviced as labour and sometimes oil tends to be cheaper and engineers have more time available.”

He went on to explain that people relying on their oil boiler could get caught short unless they are sure the system is in good working order before it needs to be used: “The last thing that anyone wants is for the cold weather to arrive once again and find that their boiler has stopped working and to have to address the issue then.”

Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy's OFTEC registered boiler maintenance technicians, is an affordable way to ensure that you can call on a technician any time of year.