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Check boilers in the summer says Energy Savings Trust

2011-06-27 10:31:27

The Energy Savings Trust (EST) has spoken out about the importance of checking your boiler’s health during the summer months to avoid any costly and inconvenient problems once the cold weather starts up once more.

The EST wrote in The Telegraph that it is a common mistake among oil boiler owners not to service their boilers over the summer months. They often simply forget about it for months on end, only to realise there is a problem when they turn it on for the first time in Autumn.

The Trust said it is “essential” to check boilers regularly over the summer in order to avoid breakdowns when cold weather arrives, as it could cause health problems for people relying on their boilers for heat and hot water in the winter. The elderly and the very young are most at risk from the effects of hypothermia, for example.

The Energy Savings Trust also called upon people with boilers more than 15 years old to think about replacing their systems, as they are likely to be wasting large amounts of money through inefficiency. The EST also advised people to invest in insulation, double glazing and other energy efficiency measures to bring down energy bills.

Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy is one of the best ways to ensure oil boilers are working as efficiently and as safely as possible.