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Changing the filter on your tank - an autumn job

During the autumn months it is important to carry out some basic maintenance of your heating oil system, and changing the filter is an integral part of this.

Changing the oil filter will only take a few minutes and is simple to do if the following simple instructions are followed.

Firstly locate the filter, which is usually positioned on the tank’s outlet. Now turn off the valve between the tank and the filter to ensure there is no spillage when you remove the filter.

The drain pan needs to be positioned under the filter housing to catch the drips from the oil that will remain in the filter and the pipe going into the furnace.

To actually remove the filter, loosen the retaining bolt at the top of the filter housing and lower the housing, holding it steady with your free hand. You can now remove the filter cartridge.

Now it's time to install a new filter and re-install the retaining bolt to fit the housing back in its place. It’s a good idea at this stage to turn the valve from the tank to check you have fitted the new filter correctly.

It’s also important to bleed the air out of the system before use.

As well as maintaining your tank, making sure your oil boiler is well maintained is an important job before the winter sets in. For complete peace of mind, sign up to the Team Energy boiler maintenance scheme at your local oil depot.