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Biomass and boiler maintenance recommended for farmers

2010-05-10 15:04:00

Farmers can boost their environmental credentials by using a biomass boiler, claims Richard Collins of Countrywide.

Wood-fuel biomassis an alternative option for farmers who are keen to support green energy solutions. Collins stated, “Producing energy from a sustainable source, such as wood fuelled biomass boilers, is considered by many as the best way of reaching renewable energy targets in the UK and protecting the environment for future generations.”

However, this is not a viable alternative for everyone as many farmers do not have access to a sustainable forest to supply them with the wood needed for their biomass boiler.

Farmers without easy access to biomass will be glad to hear that they can still improve their energy efficiency by ensuring their oil boilers are regularly maintained.

Signing up to Team Energy’s boiler maintenance scheme, which is provided through many local oil companies, can provide peace of mind for farmers. Your friendly local boiler maintenance professional will extend the life of a boiler and will save cash and help the environment through enabling the boiler to use less fuel.

Using a premium Kerosene product in a boiler can also help to reduce emissions, as this type of oil helps clean boilers and cut down on ‘black smoke’ burn.