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Why choose a combi-boiler?

2010-07-06 08:49:11

Combi-boilers are for central heating and water heating, which means they take up less space than separate boilers and are available for both gas and oil heating systems.

These days combi-boilers have a compact design, which can be fitted neatly into a kitchen or bathroom, but could be fitted almost anywhere in the home.

Combi-boilers bring with them the ability to make sure your hot water arrives at your tap at the correct temperature all the time – removing the need to turn the hot water boiler on before you have a shower!

If you need to replace your central heating or hot water system or boiler, combi-boilers are also a good option as they are more efficient than separate boilers. The boiler heats water on demand, rather than heating water in a hot water tank, which could go unused.

Anyone with a combi-boiler, or any other type of boiler, needs to remember the importance of boiler maintenance to make sure their system is running as efficiently and as cleanly as possible.

Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme such as the one offered by Team Energy, is a great idea as it offers full peace of mind. Using premium kerosenein your oil-powered combi-boiler will also keep your system clean, resulting in fewer emissions.