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UK unlikely to meet 2020 renewables targets

2010-07-29 10:28:27

The UK is going to struggle to meet short-term targets for generating energy from renewable sources, according to new Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne.

In his first major public policy statement this week, he focused on targets for 2050, while conceding that the goals set for 2020 have come up against ‘short-term challenges.’

The EU’s target for 2020 is for 15 per cent of energy coming from renewables. However, the current rate of growth in Britain is too slow to reach this target, admitted Huhne.

Analysis from Pricewaterhouse Coopers claims that the UK needs a much greater investment in offshore wind farms to reach targets previously set. The UK is now lagging well behind the rest of Europe in the renewables stakes, with just 3 per cent of energy consumed coming from sustainable sources.

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