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The advantages of using oil to heat your home

2010-05-07 15:58:00

Heating costs are a major worry for many of us, with gas and electric prices seemingly on a constantly upward trend. Using heating oil to warm your home may be the way forward due to its many benefits.

Firstly, oil furnaces are cheaper to buy than gas furnaces and users claim they also last much longer. Oil furnaces do require regular maintenance, however. This can be provided through a regular servicing scheme like Team Energy, which will ensure your boiler stays in tip-top condition.

Another advantage to using oil over gas to heat your home is the fact that there are so many local oil suppliers to choose from. Many people rely on one of a small number of major gas suppliers, but oil users can source their fuel from a trusted local depot that provides a personal, tailored service.

Far from being inconvenient, many suppliers offer planned delivery services to ensure you never run out of oil, regardless of how much you are using at different times of the year.

If you are building a new home or converting an old building, heating oil is a viable, efficient and good value option.