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Team up for green approach to heating oil deliveries

2011-07-13 17:18:00

Establishing a group buying scheme in your local rural village or region could be great for heating oil customers who want to keep costs down and ensure they are environmentally friendly.

Jeremy Hawksley of Oftec, claims that the internet’s proliferation in rural communities has opened up new waysof creating community groups and, as a result, heating oil users in several areas have teamed up to buy their heating oil.

Apart from the potential cost savings, teaming up can also help to reduce the number of deliveries that need to be made to a single area.

Planned delivery schemes, which are available through CPL Petroleum depots around the country, are also useful to group buying schemes. If a group of rural residents order their oil at the same time, they are also likely to need the next order around the same time and through planned delivery, they won’t even have to put in an order.

Anyone using heating oil to heat their home should sign up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy. These schemes give boiler owners peace of mind and can help keep the price of repair and boiler replacement down.