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Teachers concerned about Derby energy efficiency drive

2010-05-21 09:58:15

Teachers in Derby are growing concerned about attempts to encourage schools to reduce emissions. reports that not everyone is happy about calls for schools to cut their carbon emissions and have energy meters fitted.

Derby City Council has already scrutinised the city’s school energy bills and are now fitting meters to enable them to measure how much energy each school is using.

Under the scheme, which is called the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme, each school will have their electricity, gas and heating oil use measured.

However, teachers in the region are concerned that their schools are often very old and the buildings are inefficient. Therefore, cutting the use of these fuels could prove costly and problematic and deliver limited benefits.

The school will be responsible for funding the installation of their meters and the automatic meter reading equipment. This is expected to cost as much as £200 per year per meter.

Old buildings are difficult to improve in terms of energy efficiency but some measures can be taken, particularly with buildings that are heated with heating oil.

Ensuring oil boilers are working at their most efficient is vital. This can be achieved through regular maintenance, via a scheme such as those available through Team Energy. Their OFTEC registered engineers can service boilers to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible.