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Spring clean your home and your boiler

2011-04-06 16:59:17

The spring is great time to give your home a thorough once over. This can involve cleaning out cupboards and wardrobes and checking things like boilers to make sure nothing needs fixing after the heavy use through the winter.

To make sure your heating oil system is energy efficient, safe and in good conditions for the year ahead, it's worth signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme. These schemes will enable you to book in an appointment with skilled engineers, through a provider such as Team Energy, to come and give your boiler a thorough service. Once this has taken place, the engineer will be on call if anything should go wrong once the cold weather comes round again.

There are also money-saving reason sto get your boiler seen to, as it ensure sit is working as it should be and that you are not wasting heating oil.

Remember, a hard winter can be tough on a boiler - and this winter was definitely hard with many of us having our heating on since early autumn when the weather first turned unseasonably cold.

It's also time to adjust the thermostat on your heating system to ensure you are not wasting oil by having your heating up higher than it needs to be now that the weather is becoming milder.