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Sharp expands solar panel division

2011-01-31 08:27:43

Electrical goods firm Sharp has announced it is to expand its solar panel manufacturing arm and will be creating 300 new jobs in Wrexham.

The workforce at the factory will now total an impressive 1,100 as the demand for solar panels, and renewable energy in general grows.

The Climate Change and Energy secretary, Chris Huhne, said the news was "excellent".

The £30 million expansion of the site will allow the workforce to manufacture an extra 3,000 panels each day and will also enable Sharp to train 25 to 50 new installers each month to help people in the UK fit solar panels to their homes as a renewable heating source.

Head of International Sales at Sharp, Andrew Lee, said: "This job creation proves that there is an appetite for solar technology in the UK and that this sector has huge growth potential, bucking the trend in the wider economy."

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