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Rural homes still in demand

2011-04-14 10:09:38

Even though they are often not on the Nationa lGrid and despite widespread fears about heating oil thefts, people are still extremely keen to buy rural homes.

New research from Fine & Country Homes has found that rural homes that are "sensibly priced" still have plenty of takers, thanks to the demand for the rural retreat that so many of us dream of.

Although the housing market as a whole is rather slow at the moment, there is still plenty of buyers for country homes, even those in extremely rural settings that use heating oil for their energy needs. Anyone buying a rural home that comes with a heatingoil system needs to get used to the requirements of running such a system.

Firstly, it is a good idea to invest in membership of a boiler maintenanc escheme, such as that offered by TeamEnergy. These schemes ensure your boiler is running well and can help to avoid costly breakdowns that can also leave you rather chilly during the winter.

Security is also something to consider. If you buy a property with an outdoor heating oil tank, it's sensible to buy a Watchman fuel tank alarm, which sounds an alarm if the level of oil in your tank falls suddenly, which can protect against both theft and leaks.