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Renewable plant planning permission granted

2010-07-07 17:01:50

Plans to build a wood-fueled energy plant in Barry, South Wales, have been approved.

The decision has been made to allow the development to go ahead ending a long-running dispute over the plans, centering on whether the plant would spoil the area’s character.

Supporters of the development claim that the plant will generate enough energy for some 22,000 homes in the region. It will generate electricity through the burning of wood pellets and it is being built by Sunrise Renewables on land at Barry Dock, which is largely industrial.

Planning inspector Anthony Thickett made the decision to grant permission for the plant stating, “Looking down from Dock View Road the new building would be seen in the context of the development within the docks and, in my view, would sit comfortably in its industrial surroundings.”

However, many locals are still opposed to the development, claiming that it will produce pollution, noise and traffic problems.

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