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Oxyvent service could improve heating efficiency

2011-06-02 09:19:39

A central heating services firm based in Northern Ireland is rolling out its new energy saving system throughout the UK, which it promises will help people save on their heating oil bills.

Oxyvent’s new system promises to iron out the creases in a typical central heating system. It explained that howeve rwell a system is installed, there are often small flaws that can lead to wasted energy. These include poor flow rates, air in the system or imbalanced water temperature.

Oxyvent claims that its patented system will fix these problems, which will lead to a better performing central heating system, with less need for maintenance and reduced heating oil consumption.

It’s not just Oxyvent that can help to keep your central heating system running like a dream. Boiler maintenance schemes, such as the one offered by Team Energy, can provide you with the peace of mind that only an annual check-up can provide.

Any problems with your heating oil boiler should be picked up in plenty of time to sort the problem quickly and cheaply.