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Old boilers should be replaced says expert

2010-05-17 15:42:08

Homeownersneed to make sure theyreplacetheir boilerswhen theystop functioningproperlybecauseof old age.

This is accordingto AndrewLeech, the director of the NationalHome ImprovementCouncil. He claims that upgradesare a good idea for boilers

aged around15 to 20 years. Leechadded that the boiler scrappageschemehas been a huge success, statingthat it helpedthe boiler industryto

survivethe recession.

“I think a number of boilermanufacturershave been very pleasedwith the responseto the boiler scrappageschemeand it has givena big boost

to their productionand sales," he said.

The scrappageschemeenabled some 125,000 vouchersto be claimedto help subsidisethe cost of a replacementboiler for an older model.

Leechdid admit that a newboiler can be very expensive, regardlessof whether it is an oil boilers, combi boileror LPGboilerbeing replaced.

The high cost of newboilers is one of the main reasonswhymaintaininga boiler is so important. Signingup to a boilermaintenanceprogramme

fromTeamEnergy, which is availablethroughmanylocal and nationaloil distributioncompanieslike CPLPetroleumand SouthernCounties

Fuels, gives homeownerspeace of mind and no large bills when somethingdoes go wrong.