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Oil boiler sales rose in 2010

2011-06-02 11:18:23

Sales of oil boilers rose in the UK last year despite increasing competition from renewable fuels and other fuels.

The figures show that heating oil is still a popular choice - particularly among people living in rural homes. OFTEC Director General, Jeremy Hawksley, said, "The replacement market for oil boilers is still very strong, and many people have benefited from lower fuel bills by replacing what can be quite old boilers with newer more efficient ones."

Condensing boilers can help save cash and are also more energy efficient. Any boiler, old or new, should be regularly checked over and maintained to ensure it lasts as long as possible and burns relatively cleanly. Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme like the one offered by Team Energy at Emo Oil depots nationwide, can help to prevent boiler breakdowns, which can come as a surprise and cost a fortune.

Oil boilers are popular at the moment in light of evidence that shows oil is much cheaper than LPG when running an average three-bedroom home. Oil users can make their oil boilers even more environmentally friendly by opting to use Premium Kerosene in their heating systems, which burns more cleanly than regular kerosene.