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New 'green loans' for homes in Bolton

2011-06-02 12:03:31

A new scheme is planning to award house holders in Bolton loans worth up to £3,000 for them to spend on making energy efficient changes to their homes.

The ‘green loans’ are interest free for anyone who repays on time and provides proof that the cash was spent on making changes to their homes to save on energy expenditure.

The cash is being supplied through Hoot Bolton Credit Union and can be spent on anything ranging from adding insulation to attics or wall cavities, or payin gfor double glazing to be installed or for a new boiler to be fitted. Homeowners can even use the loans to pay for ‘A’ rated washing machines and appliances that save on energy use.

The initiative is being run by Bolton Council and is intended to reduce the city’s use of energy, but also to help reduce fuel poverty in the region.

Heating oil users in the Bolton area can sign up to boiler maintenance scheme such as the one offered by Team Energy. Boiler maintenance schemes offer peace of mind to heating oil users as regular checks are carried out and the likelihood of unexpected boiler break downs is reduced.