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Kent couple invest in making their home greener

2010-09-16 16:59:22

A couple has been speaking to the Kent Chronicle about how they transformed their Victorian semi into the ultimate green home with some drastic changes.

Although Claire Wright and Jonathan Richardson’s home looks the same as the others on their Faversham street from the outside, the interior holds some huge changes. The couple spent tens of thousands of pounds on their home to cut its carbon emissions by 60 per cent.

Now, as a result of their hardwork and spending, they have won “super home” accreditation from the Sustainable Energy Academy.

The couple’s changes have included the installation of a condensing boiler, which are available for electric, gas or oil–fired systems and have added solar panels and a wood burning stove.

Installing a condensing boiler in a home is a great way to cut emissions. Oil boilers, like any others, benefit from regular maintenance, particularly in order to run as efficiently as possible.

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