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Invest in insulation now, says expert

2011-06-29 17:25:17

An insulation expert claims that now could be the ideal time to invest in improving energy efficiency in the home.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is an investment that usually pays off in the form of savings on electricity, gas or oil bills. There are also an increasing number of government initiatives to help people cover the initial cost of making changes, like adding double glazing or insulating walls and lofts.

Bev Coombe, the membership and communications manager for the National Insulation Association, said that adding insulation is a worthwhile investment. She explained, “Householders can save around £265 every year on their energy bills by having loft and cavity wall insulation installed. There is also the added benefit of living in a warmer, more comfortable home."

Currently, around 40 per cent of UK homes lack adequate levels of wall or loft insulation, according to the latest government figures on the subject. Ms Coombe added that home owners will benefit from making moves towards energy efficiency now, while there is less of a rush for the tradesmen who specialise in this kind of work.

Oil boiler efficiency is also extremely important and can be improved by signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as that offered by Team Energy nationwide.