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Improving heating systems adds value to homes

2011-04-07 16:49:00

Research carried out by home improvements website, MyHammer, has found that more and more people are carrying out DIY around their houses as confidence slowly returns to the housing market.

The folks at MyHammer claim that those who really want to add value to their properties should think about improving the heating system and improving fuel efficiency.

This can be done in several ways, including adding more insulation to attics and walls, and installing double glazing. These moves can all make a major difference to the amount of energy needed to heat your home and keep it warm.

In terms of improving your heating system, heating oil users can opt to start using premium kerosene, which will clean your heating system as it burns, reducing the likelihood of build-up which can cause expensive system problems. It also burns much more cleanly, reducing impact on the environment.

Having regular boiler maintenance carried out by signing up to a boiler maintenance service such as the one offered by TeamEnergy, can also help to prevent the development of problems with your heating system.

Heating oil users can buy premium kerosene and sign up to Team Energy boiler maintenance at their local CPL Petroleum depot.