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Homeowners warned off fixing oil boiler problems themselves

2011-08-19 15:26:05

According to the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers, getting the professionals in to fix a problem with a heating oil boiler is the most sensible option.

One expert from a heating oil website said that attempting to save money by fixing a heating oil system without the proper knowledge could be extremely dangerous. It could also end up costing more time - and money- in the end, if the DIY job is not carried out properly or does not fix the issue.

He stated, “It is one thing to have a temporary repair just to stop a problem, but permanent repairs should most definitely be carried out by the professionals."

He went on to say that an experienced tradesman will be able to ensure that all elements of the heatingoil system are up to scratch and working correctly, and that the materials used to fix the problem are right for the job.

The expert added that an experienced individual can ensure systems such as pipes and radiators are sound and the materials used are up to the task.

Fixtures or fittings used by homeowners who do not have the knowledge required to fix the problem may'not be fit for purpose,' he said. It is especially important to ensure that an oil boiler is working well before the colder winter months set in.

Maintenance schemes like the one offered through Team Energy can keep boilers running like a dream all year round.

Once the boiler is working properly, you can pick up your heating oil from an Emo Oil depot, which are located all across the country.