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Help for poorest to keep their homes efficient

2010-07-29 10:29:28

British Gas has announced it is to help some of the UK’s poorest households to make their homes more energy efficient.

The scheme will involve the gas giant helping 50,000 homes to reduce their energy bills. The plans will also cut an estimated 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the process.

Phil Bentley, British Gas’s managing director, said, "Improving energy efficiency in our homes is the quickest way to cut our bills and lower carbon emissions. This initiative will particularly help our most vulnerable and hard-pressed families."

There are myriad ways to cut emissions and fuel bills in the household. Making sure your boiler is running smoothly is a major factor in efficiency. Oil boiler owners in particular will benefit from investing in a boiler maintenance programme from Team Energy. This reliable service will help keep boilers running at their most efficient.

The use of Premium Kerosene, available from national distributors like CPL Petroleum and Emo Oil, also help to reduce emissions and will keep heating oil systems clean and free from the build-up that can lead to emissions of harmful gases.