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Heating oil should be purchased before the winter

2011-08-11 16:56:49

Buying heating oil early can help to save cash, according to Maria Wardrobe of National Energy Action.

She suggests that buying heating oil in bulk before the cold weather sets in could help people save over the winter period. Buying in advance will mean that money can be saved during the coldest months and people living in rural homes will also not be left without heating oil when they need it most.

Leaving the purchase of heating oil until the winter can be a mistake as the coldest weather can arrive early, when oil tanks are still empty. Preempting the cold spell will reduce the chances of being caught unawares. Planned delivery is also a good option to ensureyou always have a supply of heating oil – this is available from CPL Petroleum depots nationwide.

Ms Wardrobe also said it is a good idea to try to insulate property as much as possible, through adding loft and wall insulation, double glazing and efficient boilers. Signing up to an oil boiler maintenance scheme through a firm like Team Energy will ensure your boiler works well throughout the coldest part of the year and will reduce the likelihood of any repairs or breakdowns.