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Heat pumps release dangerous hydroflurocarbons

2010-10-27 15:01:30

According to new evidence, government incentives to encourage people to replace oil and gas heating boilers with heat pumps ignore the damaging effects of the hydroflurocarbons they emit.

A recent Energy Savings Trust trial of heat pumps concluded that they would save, 'significant amounts of CO2 in the UK, when replacing oil or traditional electric heating.' However, other environmental analysts claim this conclusion fails to take into account the global warming effects of the hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) emitted by the heat pumps.

HFCs have been found to be many times more harmful to the environment, as a greenhouse gas, than CO2.

Atlantic Consulting’s Eric Johnson has carried out his own study of heat pumps, concluding that during the 15-18 year lifespan of the heat pump and after it is scrapped, the HFCs have around 20 per cent more environmental impact.

Johnson recommends that heating oil boiler users do not replace their system with a heat pump. Heating oil users can ensure their boiler is as energy efficient as possible by signing up to a boiler maintenance programme through Team Energy. They can also use Premium Kerosene in their system, which burns more cleanly and emits fewer harmful gases.