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Halifax recommends boiler maintenance

2010-11-26 16:00:55

Halifax, a prominent home insurance provider, has recommended that oil boiler owners get their boilers serviced at least every year to limit the chance of them breaking down.

Boiler maintenance schemes, such as the one offered by Team Energy, are effective at reducing the likelihood of boilers breaking down unexpectedly, which can result in a huge bill for a new boiler. By signing up to a maintenance programme, an engineer will monitor a boiler's performance and should spot any problems before it is too late.

Broken oil boilers can also lead to pipes freezing up in extremely cold weather, which is one the major sources of home insurance claims over the winter months. If pipes burst when people are away, their homes are often flooded when the water thaws again and major damage can be caused to property.

The average home insurance claim from a burst water pipe was £1,790 last winter.

"With home emergencies, prevention is certainly better than the cure, and much of the damage can be avoided if householders spent a small amount of time preparing for the bad weather," stated Halifax Home Insurance senior claims manager, MartynFoulds.