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Fuel poverty is a serious problem in London

2011-06-28 11:03:58

The London Assembly has heard that fuel poverty affects large numbers of people in the capital and that the city’s housing makes it quite difficult to help people.

The NHS spends around £589 million on treating people who have suffered as a result of fuel poverty. The Members of the Assembly's Health and Public Services Committee were told that the effects range from anything from respiratory problems in children to mental health conditions in older people.

There are more deaths as a result of winter weather and fuel poverty among those living in homes built before the 1980s as they are often less well insulated. Adding insulation, with cash from the Renewable Heat Incentive, could really help to keep bills down and keep homes warm in the winter – regardless of their age.

Regular oil boiler servicing is also an essential as a well-maintained boiler also works more efficiently and the chance of a boiler breaking down is reduced through regular maintenance. The cost of fixing or replacing a broken boiler can often be more than people can afford and they may be tempted to go without. Team Energy offers a good value boiler maintenance service; it is available through your local Emo Oil depot.