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Fifty pound insulation plan could bring down oil bills

2011-01-11 15:52:00

A new Manchester campaign, which intends to encourage people to better insulate their homes, could help to save money on heating oil bills.

The city’s 'Get Me Toasty' campaign is a joint effort between ten local councils and the Energy Savings Trust. The campaign is offering anyone who is keen to get better loft insulation to do so sooner rather than later with the help of a generous special offer.

Under the scheme, loft insulation is just £50 and some lower income households will even be able to get their insulation for free.

The organisers of the scheme hope that the extra insulation will add value to people’s properties and cut their heating fuel bills as rooms will warm up more quickly and stay warmer for longer.

Stockport councillor, Stuart Bodsworth, told About My Area, "Greater Manchester's new 'toasty' warm houses will help lower the carbon footprint as Greater Manchester strives to become a low carbon economic area."

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