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Farmers urged to evaluate their energy use

2010-06-29 08:44:47

The Country, Land and Business Association, (CLA) has advised farmers to carry out a full evaluation of their energy use to try to keep bills down in the coming years.

The Association’s chief surveyor, Oliver Harwood, said that farmers need to ensure their businesses are sustainable in terms of the energy they use and how much it costs. He was speaking at the On-Farm Energy Generation conference last week.

His advice is first to create a 'usage profile' of where and how much oil, electricity, red diesel and gas they are using. This will help them to establish where cuts could be made or new efficiencies could be brought in.

Many farmers could think about installing green options such as means of generating wind or solar energy. However, it is usually necessary to maintain a working oil boiler as a back up on a farm.

Measures such as ensuring oil boilers are working at their most efficient is wise. This can be done by signing up to a boiler maintenance and insurance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy. Also, farmers are increasingly choosing to use premium kerosene in their heating systems to keep carbon emissions to a minimum and also to limit the risk of boiler breakdowns.

These products, along with scheduled delivery and easy payment options, are available through national fuel distributors like CPL Petroleum and Emo oil.