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Farmer uses biomass to heat housing development

2010-09-30 15:46:00

A farming community in Somerset has successfully demonstrated how biomass boilers can produce energy to heat homes.

Archie Montgomerie has always dreamed of creating an on-farm energy production facility, which he now has in place. The dairy farmer says he considered many different types of renewable energy production, including solar energy and wind power, but settled on biomass. This as down to the fact that the farm already grew huge amounts of biomass.

Montgomerie explained how he was keen to restore dilapidated farm buildings on his premises into residential dwellings. He was able to get planning permission to do so as a result of promotingthe fact that they would be powered with this biomass boiler.

He explained, "I offered to help Somerset District Council by heating all 27 houses on the development centrally with a boiler burning material produced on the farm or from wood waste.

They jumped at the chance, which I'm sure helped my planning application."

Many farms use oil boilers to heat their homes. These should be regularly serviced to ensure they run as efficiently as possible, keeping emissions and energy costs down. Signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme through Team Energy is a great way to ensure boilers are taken care of by a specialist technicians on a regular basis.