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Family opt for oil heating in farmhouse

2010-07-29 10:40:54

A well-intentioned PR executive has described the obstacles put in his way when attempting to fit green heating into his home.

Stephen Waddington recently moved his family fromWest London to Northumberland, where they are attempting to renovate an old farmhouse.

The house has changed very little in the past 300 years and the family wanted to ensure their home was as green as possible.

The first choice was solar panels for the farmhouse but the local planning office opposed this on the grounds of the aesthetic impact on the Grade-two listed property.

The Waddingtons then considered ground-source heating but would have been required to make the building airtight for this to work efficiently, which was impossible for such an old home.

The family then considered biomass, but found the boilers cost ten times that of a gas or oil boiler.

Finally, the Waddingtons settled on an oil heating system. Mr. Waddington says the boiler is “ruthlessly efficient.” However, for it to remain so, he will benefit from signing up to TeamEnergy’s boiler maintenance and insurance plan.

The family will be able to source their heating oil nearby at local suppliers James D. Johnson in Sunderland or Bayford Oil in Alnwick.