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Family left without heating as boiler breaks down

2011-03-29 16:44:00

A Welsh family has spoken to their local newspaper, the Caernarfon Herald, about how they were forced to live with a faulty oil boiler for three months.

The problems occurred because the boiler had been installed by their housing association, which took months to replace it once it started showing signs of breaking down.

Lynette Jones, who lives at the property with her family, saved up to buy 500 litres of heating oil to get the family through the winter. However, because the boiler was not working for a three-month period between December 2010 and March 2011, the oil went to waste and the family suffered as a result.

Mrs Jones explained, "The boiler started breaking down at the end of last year. Sometimes it meant we had no heating or no hot water.

"It’s just as well that we have a coal fire in the house, otherwise we would have really suffered but I had to spend money on buying the coal even when I had hundred of litres of oil sitting in the tank," she added.

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