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Energy-saving scheme a success in Lincolnshire

2011-06-16 11:53:21

A scheme to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Lincolnshire is thought to have saved users as much as £1 million over the last six months, according to its organisers.

The Home Energy Lincolnshire Partnership (Help) has been offering reduced-price home insulation services to local homeowners, through a partnership programme with the area's local authorities. The aim of the programme has been to address poor home insulation and help remedy one of the biggest causes of wasted energy in the county's homes.

A spokesman for Help said that it had been formed in direct response to growing concerns from local people.

"The scheme has already saved residents around £1 million in heating bills this year alone and Help is keen to make sure as many homes as possible benefit."

The programme only launched at the end of last year and also provides free insulation services for the over-60s and for people on benefits.

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