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Elderly residents suffer after boiler breaks down

2010-11-10 11:40:07

A group of elderly and vulnerable people living in sheltered accommodation in Dorset have been left without heating after boiler and central heating problems occurred and have not been fixed.

Residents at Marches House in Weymouth have been left having to boil kettles to take baths and wash up. They gather around electric heaters wearing coats in the evening to say warm and claim they are concerned about their health this winter if the heating is not fixed.

Since 6 August, the residents have been in a battle with the owner of the house, a firm called Kightstone, to get the boiler running again after a series of breakdowns.

Maintenance engineers have visited the house 22 times in 14 weeks, according to the residents who claim that each time they visit, the boiler runs for a couple of days before breaking again.

65-year-old Christopher Percival told the Dorset Echo newspaper, "The reason we are speaking up is because we are fed up and at the end of our tether. It's just shameful."

Another resident, 62-year-old Dave Mowlem added, "When the water works it's lukewarm at best, and when it doesn't work we are forced to boil kettles to do the washing up or to have a bath. It's awful."

Elderly people with heating oil boilers need to ensure they sign up to a boiler maintenance scheme, such as the one offered by Team Energy.

These schemes prevent breakdowns from occurring as regular servicing is carried out and a qualified engineer is always at hand should there be a problem with the heating or the boiler.