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Efficient boilers becoming deal-breakers for landlords

2010-05-28 17:11:00

Good boiler efficiency is increasingly becoming a deal-breaking point for tenants looking to rent properties, a leading industry association has discovered.

The Residential Landlords Association said many of its members have been probed in detail by tenants about the energy efficiency of their properties. This is thought to be down to saving money on heating and electricity bills becoming more important and people becoming more environmentally aware.

Some landlords have even reported a bad boiler being cited as the reason why people have not opted for their properties. According to the Energy Saving Trust, landlords with highly-efficient condensing boilers are garnering more favour with prospective tenants, who know those boilers can save them as much as £200 every year.

And while good boilers are a key to a stable let, other tasks like making sure the window sare securely insulated and having quality lagging in lofts are also eye-catching to tenants.

Landlords can see that their boilers stay in good condition by enrolling in a set boiler maintenance scheme, such as those offered by Team Energy, the heating services specialist. Schemes can offer regular services and cleaning for the appliances, as well as specialist emergency breakdown coverage.