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Constructing greener homes is expensive builders claim

2011-01-17 10:32:40

Construction firms in Teeside claim they need more help from the government to fulfil targets for zero-carbon construction.

Reports claims that chiefs working on housing construction in the region say they have been "squeezed" by budget cuts and that they are unlikely to be able to achieve targets for emission-free construction by 2019.

Ian McGregor, a local architect, explained to the Gazette Live that installing elements like renewable heating, better insulation and recycled materials is costly. He added, "Money is tight, so it's expected that industry will pay for it, but we need government support for initiatives to make this happen."

The government is keen for more energy efficient housing to be built to provide homes with low energy bills for families in the Teeside region.

However, those currently living in the area and using heating oil to warm their homes can cut bills by signing up to a boiler maintenance scheme such as that offered by Team Energy.

They can also use Premium Kerosene, available from the James D Johnson depot in Sunderland, which burns cleaner and emits fewer harmful gases, making it a greener option for heating oil users.